“Reiki for me has been a life altering experience; for many years I felt that I have been trapped…I [now] feel inspired and deeply moved to be a nurturer, to help the world through helping the individual, through helping myself, and I have found a certain peace, somewhat of an assurance that, somehow everything will work itself out for the greater purpose…Reiki has also taught me to know the immediacy of life…my perception has shifted, and I dare not question the nature of reality, of truth, for I know in my heart I am content.”

Grade 12 Female student

“The most important think I learned in this class [Complementary Health] is that spirituality means so much more than reading from a bible or regularly going to the temple. Before I took this course, I did not consider myself to be a spiritual person. I did not have any really strong beliefs, so I guess I thought that I couldn’t be spiritual….”

Grade 11 Female student

“My experience with level I attunement in Reiki has made quite an impact on my life. I now have more energy to be able to carry out my activities with increased fervor. I am able to concentrate better in class and I think more clearly. Reiki has given me a sense of peace with myself that I did not have before I went through the attunement.”

Grade 12 Male student

“Complementary Therapies [Health] has not only offered me many new techniques [that are] useful in dealing with stress, but has taught me the immense power of the mind and has brought me to a new level mentally, altogether changing my perspective and outlook on life. Among many valuable lessons, I have learned that I decide my own happiness. I am responsible for the fruits of my life … the course has offered me much more than I ever expected … I can honestly say that my life has changed.”

Grade 11 Female student

“I never considered myself a negative or judgmental person but through the process of learning to change my way of thinking I became much more aware of myself. I now realize that negative thinking is not only useless but is harmful to me and others…”

Grade 11 Female Student

Helping students to develop the skills to relax and unwind will equip and enable them to face the strains of life ahead, be it personal or professional… Start with one child and it’s mind boggling to ponder the endless possibilities. This will impact the future.

Parent of a grade 11 student


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