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My teaching career began in 1970 at a local high school in north Edmonton. Even though my career spanned 37 years working in various schools, it was my first position that has retained lasting memories for me. The teaching staff at my first school was young, energetic, fun loving and s-o-o-o cool. We worked hard and played hard. I was twenty-two.

A network of colleagues supported my students and me as we created our original drama productions. We were gifted with a world history mentor, and several spiritual guides. There was Pat Reid, Xav Chollack, Kevin Murphy, Herb Murphy and Mel Klotz, my principal, who taught me never to ask for permission, only forgiveness. And then there was the Holy Guy who unwittingly started me on my spiritual journey. His name is Kevin Lynch.


Handsome and human, Kevin has never stopped questioning.

He has always been open to new ways of thinking-not a typical
characteristic of the clergy back in the day, and perhaps even now.

He was my go-to guy for spiritual enlightenment
both professionally and personally.

After a twenty-year absence, we connected last Christmas (2013) for a cup of tea and some spring rolls in a south side Vietnamese restaurant. It seemed as if nothing had changed in our relationship.

Aside from some grey hair and a few wrinkles. we were cool again. However, now we had some wisdom, some life experience to throw in the mix.

Kevin Lynch, or Franciscan Friar Kevin Lynch, is the Director of Mount St. Francis Retreat, a spiritual center of peace in Cochrane Alberta. The work at this centre is based on the belief in the goodness of all people, a tenement of St. Francis’ teachings.


The Holy Guy still talks and wonders. His eyes twinkle as he shares his latest self help tips. They are gems to me.

  1. Ask for help.

  2. Answer your phone.

  3. Say thank you.

Ask for help means to put it out there. Give the Universe a heads up on the direction you want to face. “This is where I want to go… “ If you don’t ask, you don’t get. You have a network and so does everyone else. Speak your want.

Answer the phone means to respond. When a door opens or the phone rings recognize the potential and take the opportunity. Regret is a waste of time. Say yes.

Say thank you means to be grateful. There are hundreds of things that go well every day. Notice them. This is how we can change the world, by moving into the vibration of hope.

I can do that.



  1. AYdan DUnnigan-Vickruck January 21, 2015 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    Wonderful. I am doing the math. You were last there at age 22 and then just recently saw him 20 years later? 🙂 I recognize a name or two. My last addition to his list would be the classic Canadian male saying “Keep your stick on the ice.” which means always be ready for action. Cheers.

    • Julia Kopala
      Julia Kopala January 30, 2015 at 12:17 am - Reply

      Math is not my strong suit 🙂
      Another response my son taught me is “keep your back against the wall and your head on swivel.” Maybe I should do a blog about that!

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