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Holistic Health Consultant

As a former high school teacher and counsellor with 37 years experience, Julia has become increasingly concerned with the stress and anxiety young people carry. She has a proven educational solution to help students reduce stress and increase their well-being.

Julia Kopala was the founder of a pilot project in holistic health that was offered at a local high school in Edmonton, Alberta from 1999 to 2007. Parents and students have praised her innovative and timely work.

Success was demonstrated in the classroom by reaching the goals of stress reduction, and improvement in student’s overall well-being. A combined Eastern/Western health initiative called Complementary Health did – and can again –  greatly improve the lives of young people in our care.

This educational application of mind body spirit awareness works to reduce stress. 

When Heaven Comes… Into the Classroom is an innovative and leading edge holistic handbook designed to help professionals and the general public reduce stress and increase well-being for themselves and those in their care.

Contact Julia for more information and guidance on a holistic health initiative in your school at any grade level.

Order eBook or paperback edition here 


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