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Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

Book Review, December 2014

When Heaven Comes… Into the Classroom; a good guide for teachers looking for peace, positive energy and maybe even some learning in their classrooms, but also for anyone who is looking for those qualities in their life. The author brings not only her experience as a teacher, but also her own health history and knowledge of both Eastern and Western practices together for a comprehensive guide that also has a lot of hands-on tools to help bring the advice to life. The writing is knowledgeable and confident and the author obviously did her homework. Information and resources are exhaustive.

She also makes good use of graphics to help illustrate concepts as well as facilitate the tools in the book.

Final chapters on starting a complementary health course and the logistics of it are helpful and a good addition.

The book, however, could use some tightening.

The simple, eye-catching cover is just right for the book, though the title may give some readers the impression the book is about religion in public schools. While the subtitle is clear and informative, a different main title would probably benefit the book.

Mental Health Expert Tracy Trudeau, Ph.D. 

Book Book Review– 2013

When Heaven Comes… Into the Classroom is an enlightened journey through the emerging world of holistic learning, and is unfolded in such a way the these concepts are more accessible to an education-focused audience. More importantly, this comprehensive and thoughtfully written text allows educators of all forms to positively guide the development of young people while their journeys into learning self-care are yet forming. [It is] one of the best books I have read that incorporates new ways of learning and knowing with foundations from traditional education.

Mosaic Magazine

An article on When Heaven Comes Into the Classroom… How to Reduce Stress and Increase Overall Well-being Through Holistic Health Practices was featured in Mosaic Magazines  November 1, 2013 issue. 


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